Fence Post of Faith—April 2015

 Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.   MATTHEW 7:6

            I remember once when my kids were involved in Iowa High School Rodeo, a young calf roper contestant said to me that he was struggling with his event, and ask what I thought he need to do.  I had been watching him since he had been camping close to us many times and wasn’t taking care like his horse and running all night with some less desirables.

      So I told him, if would remove the negative people from his life, God will bring positive people into it. He didn’t like what I said. But think about it, is your inner circle of friends holding you back? Are those closest to you with you but not for you? If you find that it takes constant effort to win their support and encouragement, they likely don’t understand your destiny.

     I admired Mesa Levitt when she was young, when they showed up at a barrel race they kind of stayed by themselves but, I believe her family just understood her destiny. They work hard to win and I miss watching her and Junior running. But I’m sure she turned out just fine.

      The bible says not to cast your pearls before swine. You could say your pearl is your gift, your personality. It’s who you are. When you get around true friends, people who really believe in you, they won’t be jealous of your gift. They won’t constantly question who you are. They won’t try to talk you out of your dreams. It will be just the opposite. They’ll help you polish your pearls. They’ll give your. They’ll connect you with people they know. They’ll help push you farther along.

     Maybe Mesa had learned to not waste time with people who don’t value your gifts or appreciate what you have to offer. That v’s casting your pearls before swine. Those closest to you should celebrate who you are and be happy when you succeed. They should believe in the very best of you.

     If that doesn’t describe those in your inner circle, move them out. You can be nice. You can still be friends from a distance. But your time is too valuable to spend with people who are not 100 percent for you. It’s not the quantity of friends that’s important; it’s the quality of friends. I would rather have two good friends who I know are for me 100 percent than have fifty who are only for me 80 percent.

A prayer for you: Father, help me to see clearly the treasures, the pearls, You have placed within me. Give me wisdom to discern the right relationships you have ordained for me. Thank You for replacing the negative influence in my life with positive ones. In Jesus’ Name Amen

Jeff Metcalf