Fence Post Of Faith

Hey everyone sorry so late with April newsletter!
 I first want to thank all the people who showed up for Cowboy Church Service on Easter morning at Columbia Barrel Bash.  It was the biggest crowd I have seen at one of the church services I have done for Renea.  Thanks again to Renea for starting the barrel race at 8:45 so we would not have to rush church. A lot of people told me at Columbia that they have been reading the “Fence Post OF Faith” on barrelbash.com.   They told me they like my thoughts, and that makes it worth writing!

Well, I think in my first letter I wrote that I would explain the name ‘Fence Post Of Faith”. I said it was a story in it’s self; I got the idea from my late Granddad White.   When I was a young boy a long time ago, I was visiting my Granddad in Shelbina Missouri .   One day I could not find him and Grandma told me to look in the garden, so I stepped out side the back door, and it was starting to get dark.  I seen my Granddad leaning on a fence post at the corner of his world famous garden, he seemed to be talking to himself.   As I approached him, I asked him what was he doing?  He told me he was talking to God!  I asked what did you ask him? He told me he Ask God for Obedience I guess I was too young to understand at the time, why my Grandpa was asking God for Obedience.   Had my Grandpa done something wrong?  I knew he was a good Grandpa.   Later in life I asked myself what does a person’s good faith look like?  How would you describe it in words and what would it look like, being lived out?  What would God say is a person’s highest good?

    The answer whether people realize it or not, is that they love God and glorify him in there lives. Knowing this should motivate us to share the love of Christ with them. Biblically, that is called LOVE!
To really love someone is to seek their highest good—was that what my Grandpa was asking for in Obedience on the fence post?  My Grandpa use to say, “ Doing what’s best for a person’s soul doesn’t always look like what they may want or enjoy, but it’s always better after they see the results.”  I believe we won’t see all of those results until we get to heaven, but the blessing that comes from serving God while here on earth are worth every drop of sweat, every extra mile we walk, every word spoken in love, every moment of prayer, and every act of obedience.  Grandpa use to say to me that, some day I would not be sorry when I step out in faith and boldly share Christ with people.  Our natural mind may convince us that they’ll be offended or not want to be our friend anymore, but the greatest good is being willing to sacrifice even our friendship at the chance that they’ll receive Christ as Savior and Lord.  I guess I need to thank Grandpa for that.

   Another great result is the rewards that we’ll receive when we go to heaven!  Our Obedience done with a correct heart attitude is always followed with the promise of God’s rewards when we get to heaven. This is a hard concept for some people to grasp, but it’s stated numerous times throughout the scripture.  Realize that the qualifier is “Our Heart Attitude” though!  We can do the right things for the wrong reasons, and we’ll not receive any rewards in heaven.  We may even lose some.
   What would those wrong reasons be?  Well, knowing about this promise of rewards might cause us to become selfish and see how many rewards we can accumulate, or we began to covet the praise of men. God’s word tells us that if our efforts aren’t for God’s glory, then the only rewards we’ll get is whatever we might receive while here on earth. But if done with a servant’s heart, then it’s almost like making a deposit in our bank account.  We, as Christians, gain rewards in heaven by living obediently, and we lose by living selfishly. How hard is it for most people to share their Faith? How many excuses do we come up with to justify not stepping out in Faith? Can you imagine if we could hear literally (ching ching) every time we shared our Faith for God’s glory, how that might encourage us to share the gospel more regularly? I guess we’ll have to come up with a noise that would let us know our sinfulness caused us to lose rewards. How about the sound of a toilet flushing?

Maybe a word picture will help someone understand a little better how important it is to understand the importance of living Obedient with a contrite heart.  When we fall in love with Jesus, Obedience is a by-product of that relationship.  When we place Jesus on the back burner, life becomes more of a struggle! Serving Christ with our lives is without a doubt—the best choice, every time!  I remember getting the call in 1975 that my Grandpa White had passed.  One of the neighbors said he was sitting behind the wheel of his car in the ditch and it looked as if he was looking across the road.  I believe he was looking at his Fence Post, I know in my heart he went to be with God that day.  The fence post is gone now, but a piece of Grandpa White lives on in me.   I hope as my Grandchildren get older, I to can show them the importance of living an obedient life with Christ.

Well I probably won’t make it to Lincoln , I really enjoy doing the church services and if any one would like to do a church service at one of the upcoming Barrel Bash’s email me at jk_metcalf@hotmail.com and I’ll get you hooked up. With that said, we will see you in OKC at the BBR April 22-27. Until then I want everyone to pray for $2.00 fuel prices to come back!!!

Adios my friends
Jeff Metcalf