Fence Post of Faith Aug-Sept. 2015

My middle daughter just bought a 7yr. barrel prospect. And it is a little different type of horse than she is used to. I told her that she may have to be willing to change her style of riding a bit. And it’s funny how we too must be willing to make changes in our lives.

    Sometimes we blame other people or other things for problems that we’ve created for ourselves. We don’t realize that our refusal to change is causing the same problem again and again. I heard about this man who had not been feeling well. He went to see his doctor. The doctor said “What’s wrong?”

  He said, “Well, Doctor, lately I’ve been dizzy and I’m seeing white spots.”

    The doctor examined him and put him through some tests. Several days later, he called the ailing man back and said, “Sir I hate to tell you this, but you’ve got a rare disease and we think you only have about six months to live.”

      The man quit his job and set off to travel the hit a few more rodeos and spent more time with his family, and he bought a new 4 door Dodge Ram truck and bigger horse trailer. One day he was driving by this famous clothing shop and decided to go in and buy a tailor-made suit shirt.

   The tailor came in and measured his arm length: “Thirty-three inches.” Then he measured his waist: “Thirty-two.” Next was his pant length: “Thirty-four.” And finally the tailor measured his neck size and said, “I’m going to make you a size sixteen-and-a-half shirt.”

 The man said, “No, I wear a fifteen-inch shirt.”                                                                                                         

The tailor measured his neck again very carefully.

“No sir, “he said.                                                                       

”Look, you wear a sixteen-and-a-half-inch shirt.”

   The man was very adamant. “No, sir. I wear a fifteen-inch shirt, “he told the tailor. “I’ve worn that size my whole adult live. I want you to make me a fifteen-inch shirt.”

The tailor said, “Well fine. I’ll make you a fifteen-inch shirt, but it will be so tight it will make you dizzy and you’ll see white spots.”

   Often, people become set in their ways and refuse to change even when they are hurting. If you are willing to change, if you will make adjustments, many times you will see your “white spots” disappear. You will see your frustrations go away.

    Recognize that real source of the problem. If it’s you, make change. If it’s someone else, or a new horse, don’t let them steal your joy. Don’t give away your power. Keep your lid on. When somebody or something tries to dump their garbage on you, just smile, wave at them and move on. If you’ll learn this principle to not give away your power and focus on developing your character you will enjoy life much more. And so if it’s a new style of horse you’re trying to ride, be willing to make changes as well.

A lot of years ago, I had a colt over at Jimmy Johnson’s at Biggsville ILL. To have 60days of riding on. I stopped one to see how it was going, Jim got the colt out, walk a circle, trotted a circle and loped a circle and then he go off. I said aren’t you going to ride him more? Jimmy said no, the colt did everything I ask of him today. But tomorrow may be a different story.

   It doesn’t matter what happened yesterday, last week, last month, or last year; today is a new day.