Fence Post of Faith February 2015

It’s easy to focus on what’s wrong in your life, what we don’t have and how big your obstacles are. But if you are not careful, you will lose sight of all that good things God has done for you. Don’t take for granted that family, friends, great horses you owned and opportunities He has blessed you with. If you’re in such a hurry and so stressed that you fail to appreciate the gift of today, you’ll lose your joy and your ability to be happy every day of the week.

  It’s all about keeping things in perspective. You have of not had a clean run in a month, and it’s the wrong perspective to think, I’m never going to have a clean run. The right perspective is to think, God is supplying all of my needs.

    If you are going through a disappointment, the wrong perspective is, I should have known this would happen. I never get any good breaks. The right perspective is to believe that when one door closes, God will open another.

    You can put two people I the exact same circumstances and one will be complaining, negative, and just enduring life, while the other will be happy, grateful, and enjoying life. What’ the difference? Their perspectives. It’s how each chooses to see the situation.

   We all have burdens that can steal our joy and cause us to be sour. But if we’re to live life happy, to make a clean run, we need the foundation of a grateful spirit. I’ve learned that seeds of discouragement cannot take root in a grateful heart. If you’re unhappy today and you’ve enthusiasm, the quickest way to turn that around is to be more grateful. Instead of looking at what you don’t have, consecrating on those bad run. Thank God for what you do have. Instead of complaining about what’s wrong, thank God for what’s right.

    I’ve talked to many people who have gone through disappointments. They lost they’re lost their job, best horse, lost their marriages, or their health. It’s difficult for them to see any reason to be grateful. But really, it’s a matter of perspective.

   I heard a man who complained he didn’t’ have any good Cowboy boots to wear until he met a man in a wheel chair with no legs. His perspective changed then and their! He thought, You know what? Maybe I don’t have it so bad.

  Then truth is, somebody in the world would gladly trade places with you. Somebody would love to be able to breathe like you. Someone would love to walk like you. Someone would love to be living where you live. Have you thanked God lately for your family, your friends, your health, your horse, and the opportunities He’s giving you?

    If you’re complaining where you are, you won’t get where you want to be. If you’re complaining about what you have, I believe God will not increase you with more.

    Complaining about your truck, your old horse trailer, your small house, or your spouse won’t get you anywhere. Remember this phrase: If you complain, you remain; but if you’ll praise, you’ll be raised.

   To keep your life in perspective, try making a list of all the things you are grateful for. Write down ten things that God has blessed you with and put the list on your bathroom mirror. Every morning read over that list two or three times. Do the same every night before you go to bed!

      Meditate on the good things God has done. Write down the times God showed up at the right time and made a way where there was no way. Write down the time He protected you from that accident, the time you took a bad fall off your horse, the time He put you in the winner’s circle, got that promotion, the time the medical report said you wouldn’t make it but your health suddenly turned around. Write down the fact that you have healthy children, a roof over your head, and a loving spouse.

Write this prayer down and put it in your wallet or purse” Father, today I choose to have an attitude of gratitude. I choose to let go of complaining and comparing and instead I choose to focus on my blessing. Help me to keep the right perspective, to always look ahead so I can move forward into the good life You have prepared for me. In Jesus’ Name. Amen

Jeff Metcalf