Fence Post of Faith Jan-Feb. 2010

Well hope everyone got thru Christmas and a safe New Year’s. I was reading the Des Moines Paper the other day about the economic situation in America, and what Congress and the President have in mind for 2010. To tell you the truth it doesn’t look too bright to me. So I went for a drive and rolled down the window of my pickup to think and enjoy the second week of below 15dre. Weather have been bless with. And I can up with a “Economic Recovery Stimulus Idea” and I need your backing?

First we write a letter to the President, that we as horse people may have a solution to the economies recession. We believe that if we give every American a Horse might stimulate the economy!!!

Our Proposal may not make sense to you at first, but let me give you a little background. First of all, Horses in the U.S. are a Multi-Billion dollar industry, and that’s just at my house… I suggest you have your economic advisor do a little research on the spending around horse ownership. You’d be surprised. Start by visiting the tack and clothing retailers like Rods, NRS, The Fort, and every Western store. Look at the variety of goods available there. Now take into account that every horse owner, especially if it’s a woman, is buying not just one or two, but tons of these items. Believe Me!

So my thinking is that if you give every American a horse, starting when they reach the horse-receptive age of 3, you’re going to do two things: boost consumer confidence and boost spending immediately. Horses make us feel good, and once Americans all own horses (at the Government’s expense, of course), they will all logically fall into the pattern that every horse owner succumbs to: accessorizing. For starters, we need horse-care implements like buckets, rakes, hoof picks curry combs. And we need at least basic tack, halter, lead strap, saddle pads, saddles, bridles bits, reins, all made right here in America. Not to mention Zebra print leg wraps, neon bright fly mask, an assortment of sheets and blankets summer and winter, let wraps. And that’s just the clothing for the horse.

Don’t get me started on the clothing for the rider, Hats felt and straw, boots for walking and riding, we would need more wrangler jeans, t-shirts, boots socks, all the bright wrangler shirts, this would boost sales for American companies like Wrangler, Stetson, Resistol, Justin, Nacona, Lucchese, cruel girl,       Tony Lama, Dan Post, Ariat, Cinch, Not to mention the American Hat company since 1915. It could be cowboy Christmas year round.

Now let’s talk about supporting industries, in addition to the Veterinarian and Farrier expenditure, people also give their horse Chiropractic, massages, acupuncture not to mention buying more beauty products for their horses than they do for themselves, think of all those new truck and trailers demands needed to get to horse shows, rodeos, barrel races, we’ll need more indoor arena to run in, we’ll need to join more organizations like BBR, PRCA, IRCA, URA, IRA, NBHA, AQHA, AJQHA, local saddle clubs, and for 4-H, State  and county fairs will have to expand as well. All those professions and industries will benefit. And of course there will be a big spike in Hay and grain, and bedding demands, so the farmers and implement dealers like John Deere, will be happy also.

You See, that’s the secret to Jump-starting consumer spending through my stimulus package. People will spend money on their horses when they won’t spend money on anything else.

But, your advisors might say, there’s a catch. Aren’t we paying the price, in global warming, of the large number of livestock animals we currently have? They produce all that methane! Well mister President here is the real beauty of this idea. When you introduce the Methane-Assisted Natural Unrefined Renewable Energy plan (M.A.N.U.R.E.), you’ll be a hero for coming up with an alternative, renewable, home-grown source and clean energy. Just challenge the energy gurus to come lup with a methane gas collection system that can harness all the natural resource produce by all those horse to power our cities. Talk about shovel ready project: M.A.N.U.R.E. fits the bill!!!

And you keep stressing how we need new industries for investment; well, under the M.A.N.U.R.E. pan you can sell Petroleum Offset Opportunity units to investors. B y buying these units, investors can help us gradually convert from a petroleum-based economy to one Based on horse P.O.O.

Health care cost will go down too, as every man, women and child caring for their horses will get more exercise. You can give tax credits based on the amount of time people spend working, riding and hanging out with their horses, which will automatically make them healthier. (Don’t tell the docs, but most horse owners already get their own basic healthcare from their vet.)

One more thing: everyone is annoyed by these Corporate CEOs and their big bonuses in a down economy. So give the executives, say one horse for every $1000, 000 of bonus money they’ve received. Those bonuses will be plowed back into the economy in no time.

And finally after all those people hang enough with us cowboys and cowgirls they will adopt our values that have not change for over 200 year, that we believe in a higher power, and that we are not afraid to say that we believe in God, that we start ever horse event with a prayer, and that Jesus is our lord and savior sent to this earth to save us from ourselves, that we might find everlasting life thru a relationship with Jesus Christ. let it soak in for a day and read it again.

Hope to see everyone at Sterling ILL. Barrel bash in Feb.

Adios Jeff Metcalf