Fence Post of Faith Jan.-Feb.2014


Well who is ready for winter to be over? It has be a good one this year by far. Today I want to ask you a question, Have you ever thought about “LAST WORDS”?


Here is just a few I have heard;” You wouldn’t hit a guy with glasses would you”.

Or “Trust me I know what I’m doing”. “Or “Which wire was I suppose to cut”.  One of my dad’s favorites was “I don’t need to go to the doctor”.


What do you want your final words to be? At first, we may wish for words as witty as a comedian,. However, most of us prefer something far more reflective and beneficial.

I remember talking to my brother-in-Law Larry Roberts the night before he passed, He was a Dodge Rodeo Rep. and he suffered from Cancer. His physicians gave him little hope. I'll never forget when he asked me to his bedside and, in a voice no louder than a whisper, can you get me some vanilla ice cream? Just a small bite, He couldn’t even hold it down, but he thanked me for it he just wanted a taste. Afterward, I cried on the drive home, convinced I would soon lose him. Amazingly, that was the last time I talked to him account we were headed to a rodeo the next morning . . . but that scene at his bedside still lingers in my mind.

There's something significant about final words. The Lord knows it's true, which is why the Bible records so many:

I read a story about a 5 year old boy in Communist Poland who took Jesus’ last words seriously; He witnessed police beating his father for preaching the gospel. (Try to imagine that!) Today, He carries on that godly heritage as he teaches, trains, and mentors pastors across Poland. He also translates and produces “Insight for Living” broadcast in Polish—it is the first Bible-teaching radio program to be produced and broadcasted from within Poland.

These last words are just some of the many God recorded in His Word.

I urge you—live with the end in mind. Be the kind of person whose last words others will cherish. How? By keeping your eyes on our Savior. The Bible's last words appropriately include His, "Yes, I am coming soon!" as well as the apostle John's, "Amen! Come, Lord Jesus!" (Revelation 22:20).

Until He comes, let's stand together as we proclaim His magnificent name to people everywhere . . . to the ends of the earth!

Living Jesus’s last words alongside you.


Jeff Metcalf