Fence Post of Faith June 2014

I went to a horse sale earlier this year in Waverly Iowa, and got into a conversation about Foundation

Breed horses with an old fellow there.

I ask him, "Why should I buy a foundation bred quarter horse"?

Since I'm sure many of you are asked the same question, I thought I'd share his answers with all of you.

One of the main reasons that he rode Foundation breed Horses is temperament. When he rides (which

is almost daily), he can't afford to get up on a horse that is so high-strung that he sees boogers in every

bush, or wants to jump every shadow he sees. Nor does he have enough time to spend half an hour

round-penning some racehorse bred cayuse, until all he wants to do is walk.

Foundation bred horses were bred to be working horses, and if a person wants a horse that is going to

give an honest day’s work, the horse has to have a mind that allows this to happen.

The second reason that comes to mind, as to why he rides a foundation bred horse, is durability. Those

little arena horses have been bred to be cat quick, and have lots of cow, but let one of them follow me

for a day of rounding up strays, or working the cattle pens, and within an hour or so, whoever made the

decision to take a toy horse to do a working horses job, will be looking for a remount, while he just keep

on riding!!

The next, and third reason that he gave, is versatility. I know there are quarter horses around who can

cut better, some that can run faster, and even some (ugh) who were bred just to be prettier, but day in

and day out, his foundation bred horse can do what he was bred to do, and that is, anything I ask him to,

maybe not as well as the so called specialty horses in their particular field, but overall, much better in a

variety of endeavors.

Lastly, he said he ride a foundation bred horse because it represents to him what a quarter horse should

really be, a link to the past and our American heritage that will disappear if he is not carefully preserved

by the few of us who really appreciate him and the bloodlines he carries, which helped shape the west as

we know it!!

I thank him and on the drive home I got to thinking about Foundation for Christian and here’s what I

came up with. The foundation is the Gospels of Jesus Christ.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is absolutely glorious. It shapes the way we look at life. It’s the

foundation for our world-view. It affects how we look at people and how we relate to them.

It also governs the way we look at ourselves, how we live and what we live for. It a word, the

Gospel consumes us. At least it should.

What exactly is the Gospel? The gospel is good news for everyone. It is hope for the hopeless

and joy for the broken-hearted. The gospel affects every person because it is intended for every

person. But not everyone embraces it, not everyone receives it, not everyone embraces it not

everyone believes it. But those of us who do; It changes everything.

The implications of gospel are incredible. Think about it. All of mankind is sinful. Because of

our sin we were enemies of God. No exceptions. We have no hope in and of ourselves. We

were doomed to eternal destruction, and we deserve every bit of it. “We all have sinned and

fall short of the glory of God” Romans 3:23 tells us. Many did not realize we were hopeless, but

we were. God had every right to condemn us. That we our state, but then heard the gospel

The Gospel told us that God loves us and that he does not want to condemn us. Though we

were trapped in our sin, God was willing to help us out of it. It would not be easy for God to do

this, it required tremendous sacrifice. But he loves us enough to give all that it takes to redeem

us from our every ways. And he does not show partiality. He wants all to come to salvation, no

matter what we have done to deserve his wrath.

God loves you no matter what you have done. NO matter how horrible the sin, no matter

how hurtful or devastating the consequences of it, he loves you and longs for you to be free

from it. He gave his life for you, to cover your sins. You might wonder how God could love

someone like yourself. He loves you because he created you. You’re made in his image, but sin

corrupted that image God wants to restore it.

So for a sinner like me and you, God came to this earth humbly as a human being so that he

could take the wrath of God that we deserved. Our sin had to be punished. God, being just,

could not sweep our sin under the rug. So he himself was punished on our behalf. The nails

were painful, the crown of thorns brutal, but the worst part of the cross was the fact that

our sins were placed upon Jesus and the full wrath of God was poured out upon him. What

we would have experienced for all eternity was placed upon Jesus within a single moment

in history. No wonder he cried out “my God, my God, why have you forsaken me” (Matthew


2 Corinthians 5:21 puts it this way “For our sake our sake he made him to be sin who knew

no sin, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.” Jesus Christ too our sin, and

gave us his righteousness. He did not just take our past sins; he paid for our present sins and

our future ones as well. He bore the penalty for us. And we get His righteousness. How amazing

is that? Jesus Christ gives us his Righteousness, which means our relationship with God is as if

we had never sinned against him. When God looks at us he sees Christ righteousness, not our

sin. When God looked at Jesus on the cross, he saw our sin. That, my friend, is the Gospel.

But it does not save us unless we believe. Romans 1:16 explains it this way, “For I am not

ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes.” All

we must do to receive this powerful salvation his let go of our sin and trust in Christ. If we will

just repent of our wickedness and trust Christ to pay for them, and begin trusting him to lead

us, down. This trust is called faith.

So no matter what you have done, let Christ save you from it. Begin a new journey walking

with the one who loves you enough to take your punishment. Place your life and your eternity

in his hands and he will not let you down. That’s the Gospel truth!!

Jeff Metcalf