Last month I send in a writing from a friend of my, she has written so many good things that I have to keep sharing them. Hope everyone is doing well, and the summer is fast approaching.They tell us that  June is a month for weddings, well there were right, we were married June 7 1980 and hope to make it another 30 years. So this year During the horse fair this year I got a new pair of Boots and the man that sold them to me said these boots were made for walking? We so far so good, but I tried to remember how many pair of boots I had owned, can you remember how many You have owned? I can remember a few favorites, one was a point toe yellow pair my grand dad gave me when I was 13, I had them re-soled twice before I finally throw them away. well any way here is some history on Cowboy boots, and there is a message in it too, so set back, relax, and enjoy. hope to see you at Cedar Rapids Barrel Bash. adios Jeff Metcalf  ps I will be doing a Cowboy Church Service at the Bloomfield Rodeo July 4 all are welcome.

Boot, booted, bootjack, bootleg, bootlegger, bootless, bootlick, bootlicker, boot tree, boot up, booty, but just when did boots become associated with cowboys? Who put the cowboy in boots? Was there a forerunner to the boot today known as the, "cowboy boot?" Legend has it that......... a legend is a story that has been handed down through the ages and however entertaining it may seem, it is still just that, a story.
One such legend that has been passed down through the ages is that Genghis Khan, who is usually thought of in somewhat negative terms in the west was reported to have worn "distinctive" red boots with wooden heels and in England during the 17th and 18th - century it was reported that riding boots sported a high top and stacked heel were seen being worn by many a rider. But the forerunner to the boot we recognize as  the cowboy boot today was probably that of the  "Wellington."
In 1815, the Duke of Wellington was reported to have worn a pair of calf length boots during his battle with Napoleon at Waterloo. Some fifty years later, this boot would appear again on the battle fields of the Civil War.  In 1865, the "Wellington" became the preferred boot of American soldiers. The harsh conditions that these  soldiers were called to  endure, required  rough and rugged foot ware. When the war was over, one piece of equipment they wanted to take home with them was their boots.
Soon after the Civil War, the cattle industry began to pick up and once again, men found themselves in a position that required rough and rugged footwear for the  harsh conditions of herding cattle and so,  the "Wellingtons" once again became the boot of choice only this time by the rugged men that would become known as "Cowboys.". The Wellingtons with their high tops or shafts were ideal against rocks, brush, thorns, and even rattlesnake bites. With rounded toe construction, slick sole and a low heel these boots were just the ticket the job of wrangler. 
The cowboy boot has accrued by natural growth many identity changes over the past hundred or so years and is not so much for work anymore, but rather is becoming worn more for fashion. Hollywood has managed to twist and turn the once rugged utilitarian boot of the cowboy into nothing more than a  custom glamorized  statement of "fashion." Many have bought into the false motion that just wearing them some how makes them a "cowboy." But those who pull them every morning,............... they are the ones that put the cowboy into boot.............. not Hollywood. 
As a cowboy makes the choice to  put his foot into his boots everyday, so must each believer make the choice to  shod their feet. In Ephesians 6:15 we are told that we are to have our feet shod (our boots on before our feet hit the floor each morning) with the preparation of the gospel of peace (the good news of what Jesus came to do for each believer). Jesus tells us over and over in His word that the life of a believer is a walk and if we are going to withstand all the landmines that the devil places before us, we need to keep our feet protected. The psalmist tells us that God's word is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path, therefore if we are going to walk steadfastly, we must put on our walking boots.
It is true that when we receive Jesus as Lord and Savior, He accepts us just as we are, but He knows that life can be pretty harsh at times and His people need to be able to withstand the rocks, thorns, and even the deadly bites of rattlesnakes that are waiting to inflicted pain into the lives of believers by piercing their souls through where their feet have trod.   So, He takes us into the "Cobbler's" shop and designs each of His children a special, unique, one of a kind pair of boots for the particular job that  He has waiting.
Are your boots made for walking out the life Christ has waiting for you, or are they just a fashion statement? Hollywood has misled many people into believing many things over the course of the last fifty or sixty years including; wearing cowboy boots makes you a cowboy. That would be like saying that just because you go to church, you're a Christian and we know there is much more to being a Christian then going to church on Sunday. It is a walk that is witnessed by all on Monday.... Tuesday... Wednesday.... Thursday...... Friday...... and Saturday. A real cowboy walks out his life everyday in his boots.
Soon the  battles we face on a daily bases will be over and when we are called home, God will fit us with a new coustomized and glamorous pair of boots that we will sport throughout eternity. Roy Rogers, Dale Evans and Gene Autry .....  look out!
Can you say,........ "These boots are made for walking and that's just what they'll do." Well then, grap hold of your boot straps, pull those boots on and  ......  start walk'in !
A life being hammered out on His anvil,
Marisue Blacksmith