Fence Post of Faith-June

This month I have a bible riddle for you to solve. What does these next 3 verses tell you?

  Genesis 1:10 And God called the dry land earth, and the gathering together of the waters called seas: And God saw that it was good.

 Psalms 88:7 thy wrath lieth hard upon my, and thou hast affected me with all they waves

  Isaiah 24:14 they shall lift up their voice, they shall sing for the majesty of the lord, they shall cry aloud from the sea.

Give up? Yes I just got back from vacation in Florida .  And yes I was on the shore, and yes it was good, and yes the waves consumed me. And I cry from the sea,  I’m in a walking cast boot for 6 weeks. A 49yr old man has no business in big ocean waves. Well I had a lot of time to think.  As I sat on the beach, icing my swollen ankle. I tried to think what this beach and God would have in common? I seen a lot of people walking the beach from sun up to sun down, their were tall people, small people, big people, some were white as a sheets, some so tan there skin look like beef jerky. I met a man picking up shells and I asked him what he had in his sack.   He said only the pretty shells, and he said he left all the broken ones lay! I got to thinking, what if God only picked the people he likes?   We know God loves us whatever way we look, and he loves us even if we are broken or chipped. You see, God is the potter and we are the clay.  Sometimes we break and crack, but God’s love remolds us, he fixes and mends the cracks in our lives.

   One other thing I found fascinating was the sand pipers on the ocean beach. They are alot like humans in a sense that they too are one of Gods creations, they show up every day working the beaches. They need to eat to survive. For the most part they are very patient, unlike humans the sand pipers wait till the waves are returning and they run to the ocean to eat small bugs and such in the overturned sand, and when the waves return they run just ahead of them so they don’t get wet, they always know where the waves are going to stop. Again and again they chase the waves in and out.  Every once in awhile one gets wet. Some of us are like the sand pipers with our faith, we need God to survive, we feed off his love, but some times we are consumed by the waves of life, but one thing we can learn is never, never give up. We too need to chase Gods tides of Hope, Faith, and Love.

    I was listening to a radio station on the balcony of our beach condo; they were talking about putting faith back in the classrooms? Florida is in an uproar about a proposed law on the teaching of evolution in the classrooms! They should be in an uproar since God has been taken out of the classrooms. One man said that his mother had helped get God out of the classrooms and he grew up and became a minister and has tried to have God put back in our schools. He said he has not been very successful. Harvard, our oldest college, was established to train preachers! Schoolbooks used to have many references to the bible verse pertaining to their subjects; especially literature has been banned along with the bible! Sad. He went on to say that Russia now has Bible reading in their schools! How ironic, Russian school children have more freedom than Americans. Noah Webster, father of our education system, stated that there could be no education without Godly morals and principles. The bible states that the people will run wild when they forsake God. Has anyone noticed how crime is escalating since we have outlawed God?

 Our constitution, freedoms and laws are being prevented. America was founded on Godly principles. We can’t survive without them. I think I would have to agree with the speaker whole-heartedly.

Well I will be at Waterloo to do a Cowboy Church Service.  As I always say if there is any one who wants to do a cowboy church service just email me at  jk_metcalf@hotmail.com or Renea.

 Speaking of Renea, we have to give her so much thanks for putting on these barrel races, with the Economy and fuel prices the way they are, she has not gave up on us, lets not give up on her.  There is   one other person that we need to thank  Lee Bob Bolling ,  he’s that person that stays at home and takes care of things, so Renea can provide us with great barrel races to run at.  Why don’t you this Month pick up a thank you card and one of those new 42 cent stamps and mail it to Lee Bob Bolling 2357 Orange Ave. Greenfield Iowa 50849 and let Lee Bob know how much we appreciate his patience’s in sharing Renea with us.  It would be a good Christian thing to do.

One more thing I would like to add is a horse trainer from Biggsville ILL. Past away this last week , he was one of the last Great American Cowboys. Jimmy Johnson a great person, family man, he always gave you 30 days of riding even if it took 40days, I once show up on his place to watch him ride, he brush the colt, saddled, and walk out to this little circle he rode colts in and walk, trotted, and lope and then he stopped and got off, and I said you finished, he replied yes, the colt did everything I asked of him, but tomorrow may be a different story.  He will be truly missed.

Adios Jeff Metcalf