This month I want to share and inspired writer named Marisue Blacksmith. She has been sending me some material that I think will make a good sermon at a Cowboy Church. I like how she uses simple thinks like a Tumbleweed to jog our minds towards a Christian way of life. I hope her writting inspires you as it has me. hope to see you all some where on the Barrel Bash trail. adios Jeff Metcalf

A symbol of our American West is the tumbleweed. Songs have been written that compare the drifting tumbleweed to that of a cowboy searching for a place to lodge, but never putting down roots. It has starred in almost every cowboy movie ever produced, and has even made it's debut in agriculture where it consumes much needed water for plants and irritates the soil wherever it takes root. There are various species of this plant with many races possessing the capability to produce armed spheres that bounces around looking for some unsuspecting areas to deploy it's noxious seeds. While some are beneficial in arid areas as forage for livestock, most are worthless.
A tumbleweed is actually the entire adult plant minus it's root system. As it bounces around or looks for wetlands as a final resting place, it leaves traces of it's noxious self through it's seeds, thus propagating every area it passes through. Essentially after the tumbleweed makes the break from it's root system, it dies very quickly.
However, it no longer just calls the Wild West it's home, but has managed to take up roots throughout all of North America. Places you will see it raise it's ugly head include; areas with disturbed soil, cultivated fields, eroded areas, as well as deserts and semi-desert areas to name a few. It is the "parasite" of plants. Attaching itself where it can feed and grow but offering nothing in return but devastation. Every area it travels through suffers loss.
The movie industry has portrayed the life of a tumbleweed well, for it is almost always identified with areas that are isolated, desolate, dry, and windy with little to no life.
Christians become like a tumbleweeds when they make the choice to do things apart from Christ.  Jesus tells us in the 15th chapter of John that He is the True Vine and God is the Gardner. The Gardener will cut off every branch in Christ that does not bear fruit. No branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine. If a man remains in Me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from Me, he can do nothing.
Just as tumbleweeds comes in various species and races, so can Christians. They are just rolling along, bouncing from church to church never putting down roots, thus leading a dead life. Dead, lifeless Christians are noxious, infecting all they come in contact with, never producing fruit, but sapping the life out of those around them. A person who lives at the expense of another or others without making any useful contributions or compensation. Jesus tells us that if we remain in Him and His words remain in us, we are then free to ask of the Father and He will hear our request. Why has He made a point to tell us these things, so that we may experience His joy and be complete. Jesus came to give us life, but the devil comes to kill steal and destroy a life. It is not His will that any of His children live a life apart from Him, fact of the matter being, it is impossible and like the tumbleweed  if we try to do so, it will only result in death.
Just as the tumbleweed has found it's way throughout North America, a lifeless Christian can be found even within the walls of every church. Going to church is no guarantee that you are alive in Christ. Maybe now would be a good time for us to examine ourselves and share with God that we are tired of trying to live this life apart from Him and are now ready to partner up with Him. You're not living if you are not connected to God, you're just drifting along on the path that will eventually lead to death. Like the tumbleweed, you won't last long without the True Root System
Maybe the time has come to drift into the arms of the of One who will never allow you to tumble out of His reach. Let Him get the weeds out of your life.
Say no to drifting along in life like a tumbling tumbleweed. Amen!
A life being hammered out on His anvil,
MariSue Blacksmith