Fence Post of Faith Nov. 2010

What a wonderful fall we have been having. I work in a second story build for the Railroad in Fort Madison and we have a kitchen at the back of the building, I go there to get away from the phones and it has big windows to gaze out.  Monday I of this week I participated in a ritual of autumn...I bought a bird feeder. It comes complete, even a platform with a thistle feeder.  I really do know why, but the lady at the hardware store said it will draw more birds closer to view at the window.

I noticed as I feed the birds, in turn, they feed me by allowing me to watch their coming and goings and also by needing me to keep the feeder full. There is a certain give and take between the bird’s colonies and myself- a certain symbiotic relationship. (Okay, I’m stretching their dependence on me—just a little.)

It occurs to me, that my relationship with God is a little like the birds’ relationship with us. I fly about my life…from this activity to that one…from this friendship to that one…coming back to the Creator to be fed before flitting off again. Nourishment I need it. Humanity needs it. We need to return to our Source to be fed again and again.

How are you seeing that you receive the spiritual nourishment for which your soul hungers? Where and when do you show up to your ‘feeder’ to be nourished? In what ways is that satisfying to you? For what do you still hunger? If you would be so kind and find yourself a puddle of time, I would love to hear your answer to these questions! Either way, be like a bird on the wing, open to and aware of the places where God is offering spiritual food to you!!

A person at my church posed a question to me that has framed much of my thinking here lately. How do I know the difference between a ‘good idea’ and a call?’ Hmmm…
There are a million ‘good ideas’ out there. A million-billion things that we could do with our days, our lives. So how do I recognize that something is truly calling me as opposed to a random good thought? For me, it’s something I feel in my gut. It feels like a yearning; I feel it in my heart. When I slow down a little so that I can pay attention, I feel a nudging to explore further, to play with the thought, to pray about it.

So I’m asking you, how do you know when you are being called forward? Where do you sense it? How does that differ from any number of very good ideas?
When we learn to tune into the wisdom that lies deep in our relationship with God, we begin to know the difference. We can lean into that Wisdom connection and grow from it. This is just one of the many ways that receiving spiritual direction blesses my life…it seems that life is going so fast, and with all the crisis in the world today, were asking ourselves, What’s Next?” if this sounds interesting to you, I will be at Columbia—Barrel bash doing Cowboy Church and the topic is “Winning in Christ” We all come to the barrel race to be winner, and we have to have a good attitude when we go into the arena! But winning does not make the attitude-attitude makes you a winner!!!  Don’t be one of those people that says,    “I should’ve.” Like I always say get up early, feed the horses, and get to the arena for Cowboy Church.

Adios Jeff Metcalf