November-Fence post of faith

Whoa… If you didn’t go to Lincoln Barrel bash, you missed a great place to run. The Lancaster Event Center is one of the sweetest places, I been in awhile. What a nice facility, and what a run on Sunday by Jeanie  Anderson and Micah Samples, they are two great competitors’ in and outside of the arena.  I want to thank all who attend cowboy church at Lincoln also. I had a lot of good compliments on my topic Passionate Purpose. It’s worth repeating in a shorter version, I got the Idea for the sermon from Steve Gray after talking to him at Waterloo Barrel Bash.  During the Futurity race I asked Steve what made him want to ride futurity Colt’s?  He told me it was the passion to ride a colt and feel its purpose to run, and it’s passion to forget everything it learned the day before. He went on to say that you may ride 10 colts before you find one to be a top contender. He also said if you can’t handle disappointment  don’t ride colts.
I don’t think Steve will ever lose his Passionate purpose to ride horses, we too need to stay passionate about our purpose in life.  I believe the human heart was made for passion, for a strong desire to reach out for something beyond ourselves.  You see our lives get patterned somehow, we get up; we go to work; we take care of the kids; we come home; we go to bed and it starts all over tomorrow and that sometimes makes us  lose our enthusiasm about life. Many people have asked, “What am I here for? Or what is my purpose? But there is a simple answer for this, but not everyone is willing to accept it.  It has been around for thousands of years, we are here to enjoy God and do his will.  We were created for his pleasure.  He is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end, and for some folks it hard to accept.

Many people want to know what God is going to do for them next, but they should be asking what God is going to do thru them.  We are born, we live, and we die.  We cannot do anything about being born or about dying, but we can do a lot about how we live. I mean shouldn’t passion be more than a feeling? When I talk about passion, I’m talking about how God uses passion. Everything he does is done with a purpose, and he does it passionately.  He does it with his whole heart, we are to love God with our whole hearts, and we need to do it with enthusiasm and drive. We need to wake up every morning with Enthusiastic Enthusiasm, Wow that is a big word for me, say that a few times!  I believe that there is an innate desire inside each of us to reach for Goals that seem unreachable.  I’m talking about those hopes and dreams we all have; some lying just below the surface, but some have been so deeply buried for so long it will take time to dig them out. It is human nature to have something to move towards at all times.

We need something to strive for, to work towards and dream about.  Whether it’s riding a futurity colt or just being a good parent or neighbor.  We need a reason to get out of bed in the morning, and one that is greater than merely existing for another day.  We need as they say start thinking outside the box! But some of us have gotten to comfortable and coy, setting on our respective couches of life. Like some people I know, I had spent many years not enjoying life’s journey.  I fought with life, always wishing to have something different then what I had. I finally learned that life is more about the journey than the destination I’ve made a commitment to enjoy it all thru and intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.

I thank God that he has taught me to face life boldly, and knowing he is with me and that I can do whatever I need to do with him by my side, and I can do with purpose and passion. God has a plan for all of us.  I believe that God will have a profound effect on you, if we let his passionate purpose guide our hearts.  It will add a quality to your life like it has mind.  I’m praying God will show you the purpose and the passion he wants you to have.  You won’t have to walk around with a bible in your hand, you can still tell jokes, and have a laugh, and have a good time.  It’s the spiritual side of life that I’m talking about. It’s your attitude and how you allocate your time that needs a little change.  Let me tell you the results will be rewarding.  Getting up every day with purpose and living out each day is a reward in itself.  Even a knocked down barrel from time to time has its purpose. There are no real mistakes in life, only lessons. I hope to see you at Cowboy Church in Columbia Missouri, in Nov.  Keep supporting Renea Boling, and don’t forget to tell her thanks.  P.S fuel prices are at an all time low, time to fill up.

I leave you with this verse from Philippians 4:13, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
Adios Jeff Metcalf