Fence Post of Faith-September 2010


I received a letter from my Aunt in Florida a week ago along with an Article about a Cowboy Preacher in Zolfo Springs, Florida  named Skipper Calder that gives sermons on and about horses. In the article he uses a horse named “Duck” he goes on to say that Duck has seriously hurt four cowboys. He says that he don’t know if Duck is going to Hell or not, but he knows several people have told him that. There is a  Pause  and skipper  vigorously rubs the horses neck. Duck’s eyes start to close an soon he looks perfectly content. The last thing he looks like is a dangerous horse.


 “All Duck needed was to learn how to be obedient and that’s all God wants for us to learn also. He didn’t give up on Duck, who was surely going to Death Row, but God will not give up him…  Isn’t this what we all want as well, to not be left behind?  If we have the need for security, there is assurance that Christ knows us intimately and invites us to be his friend. Just like Duck and Skipper, He stands beside us through every circumstance and every situation that arises in life. Some of us know the torment from fear and insecurity and we too long for a relationship with someone we can trust, and  ultimate that someone is Christ. In Him, we experience peace knowing that he will not let us down. There is no longer a need to hold back in self-protection, for he holds nothing back from us.


We can also be confident because there is no Condemnation. The only one who is in a position to ultimately judge us is now our advocate, taking our defense. We need to open the windows of our lives and allow the Lord to move through us, bringing fresh life and new hope.


It’s time to admit our failures, recognize our disappointments, and release them so that our potential can be unlocked.  When we cling to old resentment, failures, and pains, we in effect are saying, “I don’t need help. I am in control and can take care of myself”. Do you know anyone like this? Another basis for confidence is that nothing can separate us from Christ’s love. One of our greatest needs in life is to know where we stand, to know that we are loved. We need assurance that those who matter most to us will be there when we need them.


I read a story of a young boy whose parents were divorcing. The father had moved out unexpectedly, and the mother had sole custody of the child. He said that the biggest fear was that someday he would do something wrong and his mother would leave, just like dad left; “the worst part is that I’m afraid I won’t even know what I did to make her go away.”


   Many of us carry inside the fear that something will happen that will cause those who matter the most to us, who are most significant, maybe even God Himself, to give up on us and walk out of our lives forever. The promise of Christ is, “ I will never leave you.” There are no barriers of walls we can erect that are big enough to keep out His love for us.

In closing if you would like to read more on Skipper Calder and his Cowboy-up Ministry go to www.cowboyupministry.com


Calder is a true cowboy he believes that he knows why there’s such an intrigue about cowboys of the Old West. Their handshake meant something, they were men of their word, they believe in a hard days work and being around nature and outdoors is the closest you can get to God on this earth.


Well hope everyone has enjoyed the Wet and Hot summer so far, and don’t forget about Topeka Kansas Barrel Bash Sept, 4-6, it’s a nice pen. 

Until we meet again adios  your friend Jeff Metcalf