The Nature of Truth

Imagine a group of people standing outside and looking up at the sky. One person says, “The Sky is a beautiful blue today.” The Next Person says, “No it is not blue-it is green.” Yet, the third person declares, “The sky Red.”

Now the nature of truth is that they can all be wrong or that one of them is right and the other two are wrong. But they cannot all be right. It is logically impossible. They all made competing claims on truth. They have all identified it as a different color. They can all be color blind and thus all are wrong or one of them is right and the other two are wrong.

This makes perfect sense to us when talking about the color of the sky. We apparently Struggle with this same understanding of truth when it comes to discussions of religion. There is a great push to buy into “Pluralism”. This is the idea that all religions are true. That simply won’t work though. The idea that all religions are true is just as illogical as our group of people calling the sky different colors.

Each of the world’s religions makes contradicting claims on truth. For instance, Islam teaches that Jesus Christ was just a man (not the Son of God), that he did not die on the cross, that He did not pay for anyone’s sin, that He did not rise from the dead and that He is not going to come again to gather the church. This is completely the opposite of what Christianity teaches.

Christianity teaches that Jesus is the Son of God in human flesh, that he did die on the cross in the place of sinners, that He rose from the dead three days later, that the crucifixion/resurrection literally secured forgiveness of sins and enteral life for those who would believe that he is coming again to gather the church to Himself.

Just because we are talking about religions matters does not mean the nature of truth has been suspended! Muslins and Christians can both be wrong and some other religion is right or one of us is right and the other wrong.

Obviously, this author believes Christianity is right and best Corresponds to the reality we see. There are many reasons that I believe Christianity is true and Islam is false. The listings of all of those proofs are beyond the scope of this article. The goal of this article has been to shine the light of reason on the illogicalness of “Pluralism”. You cannot just meander through life in the fog of religious pluralism thinking “I can believe whatever I want because they are all the same—they are all true.” That doesn’t make any sense and it won’t work. What’s worse is that your confusion on this matter will have eternal consequences.

  Jesus said in John 14:6 “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father but through me.” Accept this or reject it. But you can’t accept and reject at the same time is what “Pluralism” does.